At GBS Leiden we strive to provide different models for evaluating coagulation deviations related to bleeding or thrombosis.  In addition we focus on biocompatibity in relation to thrombosis.

Our experience and expertise ranges from evaluation of effects of inhibitors (reversible thrombin and factor Xa inhibitors, heparinoids, cyclodextrins, kallikrein inhibitors) through  activators such as t-PA, pro-urokinase, desmoteplase, to assays using fibrinogen supplementation (Thromboelastography) and factor VIIa administration.

GBS offer to clients a platform for biocompatibility  testing of materials and biotech products by evaluating either the activation of the contact coagulation system, prekalikrein and the complement system in plasma or cytokine release (IL-1β, IL-6, TNF-α) in whole blood.

Short list of assays

There might be assays not listed in this catalogue. This is because we are constantly improving our capabilities and validate new protocols and assays, which are not enlisted here. We encourage you to contact us for more information.