At GBS Leiden we strive to provide the most relevant models for evaluating immune targets with a specific focus on primary human cell responses. GBS has developed immunology-focused portfolio of assays and services in the area of:

Our assays are designed to mimic in vivo immune activation, providing assessment of the effect of testing compounds on activation of innate and adaptive immune cells. We have specific experience with responses to a variety of TLR ligands, inflammasome and allergic triggers, and other inducers of cell stress responses.

Granulocytes (neutro-,baso- ,and eosinophils)

Monocytes, NK cells, DCs, ILC1/2/3 cells

B and T lymphocytes (Th1, Th2, Th17, Th22, Treg and TFh)

In addition to standard cell-based assays, GBS offers to its clients single or multiplex panels for cytokine, chemokine and coagulation profiling of responses of targeted cell populations.

GBS Leiden uses a know-how approach to create unique functional assays and services that meet the needs of our clients. Our innovative approach ensures successful development of assays that can be used for:

    • ● Understanding disease biology
    • ● Mode-of- action studies
    • ● Ex vivo pharmacodynamic modeling
    • ● Immunotoxicity and immunogenicity
    • ● Prediction of clinical efficacy and safety