We at GBS Leiden are pleased to announce that we have recently been accredited for Good Clinical Laboratory Practice (GCLP) for 2017/2018! This is an important milestone in the continuing growth and success of our company and ensures the quality and reliability of the clinical trial data generated by our scientists. The GCLP Accreditation is proof of our commitment, and signifies that we have met the rigorous standards of an internationally recognized GCLP Accreditation partner Qualogy Ltd. We are proud to have match the challenge of accreditation, and intend to consistently uphold the principles of quality improvement and the same high level of conduct in our business practices.

GCLP encompass all aspects of clinical trial laboratory operations: organization and personnel; facilities; equipment, materials and reagents; standard operating procedures; planning of the work; sub-contracting; trial materials; conduct of work; reporting results; quality control & quality audits; archiving; and confidentiality.

The main benefits for our clients include:

  • Laboratory results (research or diagnostic) that are reliable, reproducible and auditable
  • Results are assured to be of the highest quality
  • Resources are efficiently managed therefore minimizing waste and costs
  • Uniformity and standardization of systems