Innate immune cell activation and lymphocyte activation compose the most of immune responses to cancer cells. GBS has experience with in vitro methods for characterizing these tumor-specific immune responses. Our portfolio of assays enables fast, effective, and clinically relevant understanding of immuno-oncology targets, pathways and mechanisms.

The magnitude of cell activation that occurs in assay mirrors the relative strength of the immune response and can be quantified by cytokine/chemokine profiling, assessment of cell proliferation, cell surface/intracellular markers of immune activation, and by measuring the degree of tumor lysis. Our assays allow our clients to rapidly identify single agents or combinations that effect T cell proliferation and activation, cancer cell lysis, and natural killer (NK) cell function as well as the biological effect that the treatment exert on other immune cell types.

These immuno-oncology assays are applicable for a wide range of projects. Our staff closely work with our clients to tailor these assays to best answer their scientific questions and to maximize the success of their project.


Our expertise is further strengthened by our flexible and tailor-made approach to the specific needs of every project thus the choice of an assay will dependent upon the cell type (PBMCs/lymphocytes/NK cells) and their immune status (primed or unprimed), the features of testing material (compound, antibody, adjuvant and the route of presentation (native, haptens, DCs).