In vitro cellular assays is a powerful tool to monitor both the innate and adaptive immune cell responses in the context of disease and during clinical intervention. Multicolor flow cytometry enables a more detailed phenotypic evaluation of multiple immune cell subsets that may correlate with treatment efficacy.

Stimulation with specific allergen leads to cellular proliferation and where detailed phenotypic changes can be examined. Shown below is one type of assay with the use of carboxyfluorescein succinimidyl ester (CFSE) to monitor lymphocyte proliferation during stimulation.

Figure: CFSE proliferation assay
PBMCs from a birch allergic donor were stimulated for 5 days and the proliferation of T lymphocytes was followed by staining with CFSE. In the FACS plots the polygon show the successive generation of live cells.


These assays are very versatile and applicable for monitoring immune cell responses in research & development as well as clinical projects.

GBS Leiden offers in vitro primary human cell platforms with PBMCs and/or isolated target cells such as innate lymphoid cells (ILC)-2, different subsets of CD4+ T cells (effective, memory and regulatory). Depending on the objectives of the project we can help with choosing the most appropriate cellular assays and readout for your need.